Poetry: The Day Gone

Your hands that hold mine

warm as they are, drawing me

close to your embrace, and sweet

tender kisses from your lips, how fine. 


Moments everlasting though kind

to my thoughts, yet not to live

in this world that I share

and trapped in my mind. 


Entangled they are, most I dread

that you must leave my side

and your presence with time,

thoughts left behind and never said. 


Do not go and only there be a lee,

fruitless nostalgia, memories gilded

with hope, eventually peeled off

and show what I wouldn’t rather see. 

Poetry: A Sunset in Michigan


We walk together on this journey

back home, where we belong

fading away to what seems forever

time joins us as we go along.

The day leaves as we meet,

finally, our true colors show

for what’s left, our eyes to see

joy setting this world aglow.

Orange, this new color we love and share,

We leave behind our blue silhouettes.